Thursday, January 26, 2012

We are all so important

Social Networking and Cell Phones...

We all are so important now.  How many "friends" do you have...?  [ oh wait, they aren't really friends, but just connections made on the internet ]  It's a FACE book they say,  not a friends book.  I once started a face book page and then turned it off for 1 hour.  When I came back 17 people who I did not know wanted to be my friend.
R  E  A  L  L  Y?
I have to admit - I'm  really am not so that important that someone would want to call me, or mygod -  send me a  T  E  X  T....  Naw, just not that important.
But soon we will all be sitting in front of the terminals, maybe not being able to communicate verbally.

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